The Best WordPress Security Tips You Can Ask The Internet For

You all know how much WordPress development is popular in the industry since its inception. Millions of websites; small as well as large-scale are built using WordPress because of the unconventional feature it offers to provide user-friendliness. But securities is the biggest drawback of the website, and trust me, I know what kind of blunders it creates. I have spent so many years working on the WordPress, that by this time I am quite confident about helping you out with a good number of Security tips while building your next WP site.

My team and I have used these tips for many projects and we have received a positive feedback from our clients. Here’s the list of guidelines that will help you too.

Secure WordPress Hosting
  • Always try to use secure and trusted host server for your WordPress site and also try to use trusted domain.

Latest Version
  • Always use the latest version of your WordPress version, Themes, and plugin.
  • Delete unused plugins, theme, and users.
  • Always on automatic updates for a theme, plugin, and WordPress version. You could add below code in a wp-confiq.php file.

Author: Akash Wagh